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Anarchy Summer 2015
Photo: AKPA


Anarchy by Qπш, Summer 2015 is the seventh collection in Robert Kupisz’s, Polish fashion designer, career. The fashion show took place on June 5 in Soho Factory in Warsaw.

The dominant colours are white, black, hand-dyed, uneven grays and for the first time - red. Large amounts of big zips, various types of small patches and leather – these are just some of the characteristic elements from the Jarocin 1980 subculture, which inspired and determined the character of the latest fashion designer’s collection. My newest collection is a sentimental journey and bringing back memories from high school, that accrue to the times of the first music festivals held in Poland. I attended a Fine Arts High School, where different kind of subcultures met, including hippies, punks and rockers. Most of my friends went to Jarocin to participate in this big music event. You could see such Polish music bands as Manaam, Oddział Zamknięty or Siekiera performing on stage for the first time. There was no censorship in Jarocin. No one even cared about the applicable law of censorship (which obliged in Poland at that time) there. The words were very crisp, strong, explicit, rough. And the youth was lost, we didn’t know how to reach our dream – freedom. But above all that, the thing which connected everyone was a huge tolerance and the will to fight agains communism. – says Robert and adds - At that time I didn’t have the courage to be a punk and go with my friends to Jarocin. Today I am able to recall and evoke these memories with and through my new collection, the fashion show, styling and clothes. Not many remember that, but the times of Jarocin had a massive impact on the comtemporary Polish culture. It was inspiring both in an artistic way and a political one. It combined the social spheres, esthetic ones, fiction and history. The originators of the punk culture were playing a very important role – they were the actors and the witnesses at once. They were everywhere, audibly present, speaking out loud, manifesting, pointing and showing the cultural structures and then - smashing them. By demonstrating the events they where also in their center and the center of everybody else‘s attention.

The Anarchy Summer 2015 collection by Qπш Robert Kupisz is held in a characteristic for the designer style – Every collection and every fashion show of mine are something completely new but I always try to refer to the previous ones. I am faithful to a style which you can play with, use your imagination, set almost every piece of clothing together and they fit together. What counts the most is your own imagination, being unique and authentic.

The latest collection consists of both - silhouettes for women, men and unisex. Robert’s woman in this collection is rebellious, loves rock and punk. The designer offers leather dresses with zips (which are present in large amounts in the whole collection) long, silk and flannel shirts to wear on a daily basis, which appropriately styled can be also worn as a dress. Robert took also care about the details and created leggings with double zips, which perfectly complete the whole look. The male silhouettes are influenced by rock and punk style with a majority of leather, large amount of pockets, various kinds of patches and big zips which underline masculinity, determination, power and functionality. Plenty of the silhouettes (t-shirts, pants, jackets, pareo and hoodies) are, depending on the size, unisex proposals, relaxed and unpretentious, that emphasize the strong character of women and men in a “Robert Kupisz way“. As previously mentioned – the red colour is used by the designer for the first time. Red symbolizes the confidence associated with the revolution, strength and struggle. – says Kupisz. Therefore, fits in perfectly with the latest collection, which is the leitmotif of determination and willingness to fight – he adds. Natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, flannel, jeans and leather dominate this collection.