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Fair Play Summer 2014
Photo: AKPA


The main theme of the fifth collection by Qπш Robert Kupisz brand, entitled Fair Play Summer 2014, is a deliberation on the image of a contemporary sportsmen and on the most important issue of sports rivalry, which is playing fair play, along with the rules of the game. The designers thoughts were inspired by a documentary film directed by Leni Riefenstahl, along with her photographs, which showed the summer Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, when, for the first time, politics entered the world of sport.

"I think that since that moment the fundamental values of this most ancient and biggest sport event in the world were deeply damaged. The Olympic Games became an arena of the political entourage. Before 1936, the games were conducted with the slogan of a fair competition, during the event all wars would stop, all countries submitted to a “holy truce”. Therefore they were always a symbol of peace and fair rivalry. Then again, sport is, since quite some time now, used for political purposes" – says Robert Kupisz – "However, since sport has been commercialized, the political factor, along with the economical one, gained a very special interest" - adds the fashion designer.

Robert Kupisz is convinced that sport should always remain outside the political field and symbolize a competition based on fair and clear rules and on equal chances for everybody, instead of winning at all costs. The collections’ logo – a skull with a laurel wreath – is an illustration to Roberts’ thoughts.