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 Gangsta Summer 2016
Photo: Marek Makowski


Robert Kupisz has a creative and playful take on fashion. He experiments, combines items which seemingly don’t go together and he’s been encouraging us to do the same for the past four years. Robert’s work, however, is often inspired by meaningful and important issues. Fighting for freedom, equality, tolerance, dignity, and human rights. "Rebels, dreamers, and those resistant to the cynicism of the elites, etiquettes and other majorily imposed rules. They fight for what they believe in and express their views through their art, even the controversial kind - these are the people I admire and who inspire me.” – says Robert.

The Gangsta Summer 2016 Collection is predominantly sporty but with a lot of decorative detail: golden and silver lions, shiny appliques, gilded chains and belts. The leitmotiv of the collection is a lion – the symbol of strength, courage, power and splendor. The lion is featured not only on the signature T-shirts but also on sweatshirts, jackets, dresses and caps. An additional embellishment seen on some of the items is a shiny QПШ logo, corresponding to the popular in the hip-hop subculture flashy exposition of labels.

The sporty unisex silhouettes are intertwined with the super feminine ones which undeniably accentuate the female body. Sensual dresses were inspired by the style of the heroines of the Black music, slightly see-through mini skirts as well as long evening gowns, body-hugging leather pants, soft silk tunics and coats. The woman according to Robert Kupisz can be seen from afar. The men’s line is much more sporty with a good amount oversize sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants and shorts. It is also rich in quality summer jackets and coats made out of precious crumpled-cotton.

The collection is built on natural cotton, the soft knitted kind as well as perforated or the crumpled coat fabric. There are the bamboo, leathers, precious silk, viscose and polyester in a form of a see-through mesh and shiny tracksuits.

Color scheme is strongly related to the QПШ brand – dominated by greys, beiges, dusty pinks, whites, blacks, and silver. The hair styling, made with some outstanding products, was created by Sebastian Professional. Immaculate face and body make-up of the models was by Rouge Bunny Rouge Team.
The high heeled sandals, which emphasized the femininity of the Gangsta collection, were provided by Kazar, a brand collaborating with Robert Kupisz for the past few seasons. The sports shoes by Adidas and Air Jordan were supplied by an online retailer www.WorldBox.pl.

The sparkling leggings and QПШ branded socks designed by Robert were manufactured especially for the show by Gatta.

Among partners of the fashion show were also Elixa and Aztorin with their jewelry and watches.

A premiere of the newest luxurious car took place at the event. Volvo XC90 #xc90warszawa.pl is the epitome of harmonious design with its majestic body and beautiful interior of wood and leather.

The great atmosphere and fun of the attendees was catered to by the Wyborowa, Poland’s premium vodka.

Cisowianka Perlage Water – partner of the show, reigned among of all the gathered guests, as well as at the backstage of the show.

Media patronage was held by Bauer Media Group, Robert’s partner for the past few seasons, publisher of such renowned magazines as: Twój Styl, Pani, Show, Grazia as well as online magazines: Plejada.pl, VuMag.pl and Lamode.info.


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