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Gelem Winter 2013/14
Produced by: Coontrast


An extraordinary colour palette with a special emphasis on black, loose-fitting tailoring, multiple layers and embellishments, a special focus on the details – these and other elements of the gypsy culture defined the character of Robert Kupisz’s fifth collection, Gelem Winter 2013/14.

Our clothes should not only be functional, but also make a statement, show our life style, demonstrate approval, affiliation to a certain group or protest – says Robert Kupisz – The opportunity of travelling around the world opened us to a whole new experience of contact with other cultures, and this naturally has influence on our style. The aesthetics of diverse ethnic groups and subcultures inspire and fascinate me.

Once agian, the designers’ inspiration was art: old photography’s which portrait the colourful gyspy tradition, life and creation of Papusza, the first Polish gypsy poet, music of the Gogol Bordello band from New York, which mixes up Romanian tunes with punk rock, and movies, such as The Queen of the Gypsies, directed by Emil Lotianu or the already legendary Snatch by Guy Ritchie, starring remarkable Brad Pitt as Mickey.

"The Gypsies have a mysterious capacity of transforming everything into art" - admits Robert Kupisz.

The Gelem collection was consequently created in the designers’ characteristic style. Clothes are practical, but in the meantime they also express our beliefs and preferences, our lifestyle and way of thinking, and of course our sensibility for beauty. Womens’ silhouettes captivate with their subtlety and natural beauty, while the menswear demonstrate strength, determination and efficiency. The main theme of this collection is eclecticism: sporty sets combined with embellished fur coats, featherweight dresses and shirts with thick wool, leather and raw denim. The colour palette is dominated by dark tones: deep dark blue and all kinds of grey shades. Another important fact is the use of recycled fashion – which is Roberts’ contribution the global ecological trend.

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