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Iron Winter 2014/15
Photo: Marek Makowski


Iron by QПШ, WINTER 2014/15 is Robert Kupiszs’ sixth collection. This time, the desingers’ inspiration was the history and aesthetics of the subculture of choppers and riders.

This movement started right after the second World War and was created by veterans, who dedicated themselves to remake old motorcycles. Their style was strictly related to military forms, functional and practical. However, the highest value of this group was freedom and a life on the road, which seldom had no particular purpose. It was a rebel against the American society, which was, at that time, banned with many traditions and conventions.

Iron by QПШ Robert Kupisz Winter 2014/15 continues a line which the designer chose when he first started his own brand: "Every collection and every fashion show I do is always something new and fresh, yet I pay a lot of attention to make them coherent to what I’ve already done. Consistency is very important to me, I want to show that it’s possible to make a set out of clothes from all of my collections. And I never forget about my clients, I always design thinking about them, of what they might like to wear" – says Robert.

The Iron collection was designed for both men and women, a lot of the presented pieces are unisex, unpretentious and loose, emphasizing both male and female sexuality in a typical “Kupisz” style. This time main colour is black, until now avoided by the designer. As he himself admitted, black exposes individuality and separates us from others, it creates distance. Among the fabrics the designer used you can find leather, silk, cotton and denim. Along with the black colour, an important part is played by the military motive, hand-dyed by Robert himself. The slogan: Gotta stand tall and proud, along with an image printed on T-shirts, badges and coats, was designed by a tatoo artist to highlight the connection with the motorcycle tradition. Another crucial item is a black bandana, an integral piece in a riders’ style.
In womenswear, the designer looks for functionality: depending on the styling, the sets can be used as everyday clothing as well as an evening gown. Double-layered dresses with interesting decolletages and cuts can be moderated thanks to multiple zippers, opening a posibility to endless styling. A different version of the Iron woman is a gme with menswear: jumpsuits straight from garage workshops and military jackets, pants and shirts are combined with delicate and sexy silk fabrics.

As for menswear, you will find a variety of garage style fashion: cargo pants, leather jackets, overalls, coats with multiple pockets and zippers. These sets were designed to emphasize manhood, strength and sexuality.


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