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Backstage of KRIVAN by Qπш Robert Kupisz Winter 2017/18 collection
photo: Marek Makowski

On the 1st of December 2016, a fashion show presenting the new collection KRIVAN by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ, has taken place in Warsaw at Soho Factory. This time, the designer was inspired by the people living in the Podhale area, their winter sports wear and the majestic beauty of the mountains.

,,The concept of the collection came to my mind during my last years visit in Kościelisko. I had an opportunity to meet inhabitants of this region, and to get to know their traditions, local arts and music. I was delighted by the their authenticity, strength of the character, and affection for the place they live in. When I am in the mountains, I feel the dominance of the nature over humanity. The Tatra mountains make me feel as I am in a gothic temple. They frighten me and fascinate me at the same time – as the designer has spoken about the inspirations to the KRIVAN collection. “After being back home, I've started to explore the subject matter. I've listened to the music, looked over some old photo albums with highlander outfits, I have even read about Janosik. In my collections, I always try to avoid a plainspoken interpretation of the main topic and try to mix history with modern world. As with the mood of Tatry, I am fascinated with snowboarders, who have an amazing cool vibe and remind me of freedom. That's why, in this collection, I have decided to combine clothes inspired by the traditional highlanders with modern details brought straight from the snowboarders outfits.

The hero of the KRIVAN collection is the legendary man Janosik – a character of many faces, invariably connected with strength, stubbornness and courage of the people of Podhale. The legend of the rakish highland robber became an inspiration to create a series of prints which brings up the vibe of the American comic books about superheroes.

In this collection pastel colours, pink and blue, dominate. They combine perfectly with toned grey and snowy white colours. The most characteristic elements of many items is an interpretation of the traditional highlander “parzenica” - it was created especially for the show and is used for prints and embroideries on coats, shirts and t-shirts.

Besides, most commonly used by the brand cotton, etamine and viscose, this time we can find fake fur mixed with jeans in long chic or short fitted sheepskin coats.

Newly interpreted sports wear, referring to those worn by snowboarders, skiers and hockey players, is a very strong element of this collection. In winter 2017/18, the designer will mix double jeans trousers, comfortable and loose sweatshirts, and down jackets, with frilly dresses, shirts and short skirts.

,,Orawa'' of Wojciech Kilar as the music setting of the show has perfectly accented the drama and majesty of the mountains, which has inspired the designer to create the collection.