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LATINA by Qπш Robert Kupisz Summer 2019
photo: Marek Makowski

Latina Collection by Qπш Robert Kupisz SS 2019 was inspired by the diversity of South America’s arts, cultures and traditions.

“I don’t follow my fellow designers and fashion in general. I look elsewhere for inspirations. Arts inspire me. Diversities of the world. Different cultures & traditions. Subcultures.”

Latina collection is not inspired only by the bright side of “latina life” but also by dramatic circumstances and events that took place in South America. “LATINA is not just about intimate and passionate dances and carnival, but also living in Favelas, fighting for your dignity and freedom where locals tackle problems with violence and gang wars. Despite the difficult circumstances, people are trying to live as normal life as possible and even organize beauty contests and parties where they’re playing modern, hypnotizing music and having fun like there’s no tomorrow.”

Qπш [ku-pi-sh] Latina ss 2019 woman is sexy, liberated and courageous. Women’s line is based on ruffles dresses, sequined tops and sweatshirt, denim shorts, or camouflage-print jackets with sequined butterflies. When it comes to men’s line, we see a modern non-confromist type in leather or military matching jacket and pants. He is as comfortable in his designed track suit as he is in his shiny sequined suit. Handmade dyed materials with complicated structures, leather and sequins patches, military camouflage patters and colored trousers with Qπш logo define the innovative, avant-garde, characteristic streetwear.

But as Kupisz highlights, this was all about liberation; and the attraction remains undeniable. “This time, I used the word LIBRE [Freedom in Spanish] and the equals sign, which are multi-purpose and apply to all of us. I also put a shotgun on the T-shirts, mainly because I wanted to give women a symbolic power for fighting for equals rights for all.”

Kupisz was already heading in this direction a few seasons back, and many of the sweatshirts, summer dresses, and track suites recalled pieces that can already be spotted on the streets. What matters in the present is that he’s creating clothes with wide reach and an aesthetic that will endure.

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