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NEW ROMANTIC by QΠШ Robert Kupisz Winter 2023/24
Photo by Agata Serge


Strong makeup, extravagant styles and the evolution of punk culture. The nightlife of London clubs of the 1980s gave rise to a new romantic style. This crazy decade also marks the years of Robert Kupisz's youth. The designer returned to his memories and created the "NEW ROMANTIC" collection, inspired by the colourful life of the British subculture straight from the Blitz club. 

The latest proposal by QΠШ ROBERT KUPISZ is a nostalgic journey of the designer to the high school era. This was when punk style reigned supreme and people were always looking for new ways to express themselves. The arts-focused school was the ideal place to observe the changes in fashion, as Robert tells us:

"I remember my female friends who wore velvet frock coats and ruffles. They wore long bangs and, over time, opted for mohawks and sported leather jackets. They altered all the clothes themselves. They added badges, studs, even on their shoes. As a dancer, I relied on more classical styles at the time, but the creative expression of that decade and my environment were deeply memorable. So much so that they have become the leitmotif of the new collection "NEW ROMANTIC" by QΠШ ROBERT KUPISZ.  

A return to the style of the 1980s is enchanted in the colours, prints and forms of the clothing. Although Robert Kupisz drew inspiration from his memories, he interpreted the new romantic style in his own characteristic way. The collection includes figure-building blazers, loose dresses, sexy skirts, wide-legged trousers, as well as the now-iconic oversize t-shirts and shirts. The designs are functional and can be styled in many ways. As a result, they dynamically follow the style and needs of the brand's customers. 

The "NEW ROMANTIC" collection by QΠШ ROBERT KUPISZ is based for the most part on materials with certifications such as OEKO-TEX® or GOTS. Both classic and austere fabric finishes were used. Selected models are hand gilded. The prints are dominated by rhomboids, typical of the fashion of the era. The colour palette is based on muted shades of brown, beige, black and white, as well as navy blue. The collection was sewn and manufactured entirely in Poland.

The photos for the advertising campaign of the "NEW ROMANTIC" collection by QΠШ ROBERT KUPISZ were taken by Agata Serge. This is yet another collaboration between the photographer and the designer. While each of their joint projects has been special, the latest campaign stands out because of its analogue character.

"Robert told me about the concept behind the collection, which alluded to the 1980s and memories of his youth. After looking at the designs, we agreed that this session had to be special, both in idea and execution. It should refer to the nature of the inspiration, but at the same time be contemporary in its delivery. As a photographer, I go through transformations from time to time, which are particularly evident in the campaigns created for Robert. I have been photographing mainly with analogue cameras for a while now and our session, the first in this style, was prepared entirely on negative film. Robert's designs are packaged in a modern form, enclosed in an orange room, full of memories distorted by time and wide-angle lensing." - said Agata Serge. 

The artist who shot the film promoting the latest "NEW ROMANTIC" collection was once again Paweł Grabowski of WOW Pictures. He visually interpreted Robert Kupisz's inspirations through kaleidoscope-like multiplications and pre-digital era effects. Dynamic video footage with a funky backing track contrasts with the still frames and acting of the models. The performing duo of Natalia Napieralska and Stas Buk are slow to get into the mood, seeming somewhat indifferent to the catchy old-school music.

The background for the photo shoot and promotional film was an intense orange set design with geometric elements created by Ewa Iwańczuk. The simple design allowed the silhouettes of the models, personally styled by Robert Kupisz, to be accentuated. Kama Jankowska was responsible for the makeup. Once again, Ania Borowska of ART WORKS was in charge of the campaign's production.

The latest "NEW ROMANTIC" collection by QΠШ ROBERT KUPISZ is available for sale in the brand's online shop and stationary boutiques from 25 January 2023. It will soon find its way into collaborating boutiques and onto the sales platforms Zalando.pl and Moliera2.com.

Photographer: Agata Serge
Scenography: Ewa Iwańczuk
Styling: Robert Kupisz
Stylist assistant: Max Wiśniewski
Makeup and hair: Kama Jankowska
Models: Natalia Napieralska (division), Staś Buk (selective)
Production: Ania Borowska /ART WORKS


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