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OCEAN 5 by Qπш Robert Kupisz Summer 2017
photo: Marek Makowski

On the 2nd of June, the premiere of the new collection OCEAN 5 by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ for summer 2017, has taken place at an industrial hall Soho. The collection was inspired by the ocean - its depth, colours, textures and characters such as mariners, pirates, lifeguards, nymphs and sirens.

It is a comeback to careless vacations on the Balkan beaches and a tribute to designer’s favourite spots on the Baltic coast. In the OCEAN 5 collection, Robert Kupisz proves once again that the most interesting inspirations can be found in his own memories and in people, that he gets to meets everyday. „ My favourite place to relax and rest is at the seaside, it has a therapeutic influence on me.’’ - as the designer said. The collection consist of a whole range of blues, of warm and soft beiges, and marine motives, which takes us to the polish Jurata or Bulgarian Sunny Shore. The name of the collection also reflects the special anniversary - 5 years of the brand’s existence.

OCEAN 5 collection for summer 2017 evolves around marine inspired whites, blues, but also sand-like beiges and greys as well as a new, seasonal colour - coral, which brings the vibe of lifeguards’ t-shirts, In the collection there are also military motives such as patches and epaulettes inspired by the admiral uniforms. What’s more, for the first time, leather and silk were overprinted with the collections main theme.
Woman dressed in OCEAN 5 collection reminisce modern sirens –they are eteric, unavailable and sensual - that’s why their looks are subtle and delicate and they bring us back to the 70-s, with hippie lace caftans and tunics. The summer and vacational motives were also  visible on male models, who reminds us of Californian surfers spending their time by the ocean.

Marine inspired stripes and tattoos were one of the most significant elements of the OCEAN 5 collection - there were exclusively designed by a tattoo artist and were printed on accessories as well as on the whole look. For the designer himself, besides the first impression of kitsch, they are true and powerful symbols of the strong character of mariners.

As for the music Music, Natalia Przybysz, who is said to be one of the most interesting figures of polish music scene, performed during the show - ,,her songs are revitalizing and say a lot about modern, young girls - independent and strong’’ - as Robert Kupisz said.


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