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 YUPPIE by QΠШ Robert Kupisz Summer 2024
fot. Agata Serge

The 1980s and 1990s are now legendary for their heyday, and their influence on fashion defined the yuppie style that emerged in Poland after 1989. This style represented the ambitious and driven young individuals ready to succeed in the free market, known as "young wolves." Among them was Robert Kupisz, who, as a student at the time, later opened his own dance school. Another period in the designer's life inspired the latest "YUPPIE" collection for the QΠШ ROBERT KUPISZ brand.

The young businessmen of yesteryear emphasised their success with their clothes. The yuppie style was seen on the streets and in TV series. Robert Kupisz completed his wardrobe during this time in Germany, incorporating White shirts, ankle-length coats, black boots, and darted trousers as his fashion arsenal on the road to success. 

Robert Kupisz expressed, "I wanted to appear serious, like a young businessman. I carried an almost empty briefcase and a large wallet filled with business cards. It may have been a bit pretentious, but the allure of the yuppie style and the era that brought it to life remains intriguing. Today, they are making a comeback, including in a new collection." 

QΠШ ROBERT KUPISZ combines business tailoring with a streetwear influence, resulting in a unique style. The new collection features a diverse range of items, including blazers, white shirts, leather jackets, and coats. The traditional muted colours often associated with office attire are given a fresh twist with oversized cuts, unfinished edges, and specially designed prints. One particularly notable print reads "I'M ENOUGH," which contrasts the aspirational lifestyle of yuppies and represents a journey towards self-acceptance. The latest collection primarily utilizes fabrics that have been awarded certifications such as OEKO-TEX® and GOTS.

The 'YUPPIE' advertising campaign concept juxtaposes images from the old and modern corporate world. The clothing inspired by past decades is showcased against the backdrop of Warsaw's towering skyscrapers, symbolic of the city's dynamic development. The photos feature the dynamic silhouettes of Zuzanna Kaczmarczyk and Jakub Grabski, accompanied by Bartek Janicki, Bruno Skrzyszowski, Glib Lutskyi, Kacper Rogowskigpo, and Łukasz Poncyliusz. Captured by Agata Serge, the visuals create a captivating blend of aspirations for success.

Agata Serge commented, "I had the pleasure of conceptualising and photographing Robert Kupisz's new campaign, which not only showcases Robert's exquisite new designer look but also represents the result of our artistic collaboration. Working together on previous campaigns has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my photographic career. Our connection is built on shared passion, sensitivity, and unwavering trust. In the SS23 campaign, we took it a step further and crafted frames that not only beautifully present Robert's designs but also serve as iconic photographs on their own. As a photographer, this is the most gratifying way to work on commercial projects, always mindful that photography should captivate and engage viewers for an extended period."

The camera operator on the set was the talented Paweł Grabowski from WOW Pictures. The spinning frames he captured, edited to the rhythm of electronic music, interpret the fast-paced world of business, where contemporary yuppies move agilely.

Designer Robert Kupisz personally styled the models for the shoot. Ania Borowska of ART WORKS produced the campaign. 

The latest 'YUPPIE' collection by QΠШ ROBERT KUPISZ will be available in the online shop and brick-and-mortar boutiques from 15 July 2023.

Photographer:: AGATA SERGE
Asystent stylisty: MAX WIŚNIEWSKI
Model: JAKUB GRABSKI(Selective)
Model: ZUZANNA KACZMAREK (Selective)
Models: Bartek Janicki, Bruno Skrzyszowski, Glib Lutsky, Kacper Rogowski oraz Łukasz Poncyliusz.
Asystent: Alan Zając, Noel Kotla,
Color grading: Piotr Putko / Colorengine

Asystent: Alan Zając, Noel Kotla,
Color grading: Piotr Putko / Colorengine

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