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NOW by Qπш Robert Kupisz AW 2021/22
Photo by Agata Serge

The NOW collection for the Winter 2021/22 season had its premiere on 18 December 2020. The image-building campaign by Agata Serge and a dynamic advertising film by Paweł Grabowski and WOW Pictures have complemented the presentation of the collection that is already available in pre‑order.

“The idea for the collection came to life in a difficult for everyone period of lockdown, in which most of us became friends with streaming platforms. I was absorbed by a documentary series The Last Dance, telling the story of the iconic Chicago Bulls team, which, in addition to the story of Michael Jordan, also showcased fascinating personalities of the basketball world: Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson. The team's coach, nicknamed Zen Master, was fascinated by the culture of the indigenous people of America and the zen movement, which he successfully applied in his work with the famous Bulls." – says Robert Kupisz about the inspiration. "Rodman – unique, untamed, crazy – has fascinated me the most. His love for tattoos, piercing, coloured hair and experimenting with style has made him one of the most picturesque athletes in the world, and his image has inspired me to create the NOW collection: colourful, optimistic and rebellious."

As a result of this fascination, the most colourful collection in the history of the Qπш Robert Kupisz brand has been created. "Being tired of the global pandemic situation made me want to give customers the joy of wearing colourful clothes. That's why I used intense orange, pink, yellow, blue and wild animal prints in the collection, and I dedicate it to everyone striving for freedom and tolerance, who are not afraid to express themselves through style. – says the designer.

The main theme of the collection is a print with a motif of the bull’s head inspired by a Native American totem that in their culture was the emblem of the family clan. The totem was most often an animal that was considered the guardian of that family. The NOW collection is a controlled eclecticism. The designer has decided to use contrasting colour combinations, mixing various animal motifs with a colourful plaid, blue denim or elements of polyamide. In this season, Qπш Robert Kupisz continues the trend of hand dyeing, which has been the trademark of the brand since its inception, and customers will find iconic t-shirts and sweatshirts with prints there, which are collector's items. A comfortable casual style prevails in the collection, which can be adapted to any occasion with the help of appropriate accessories. The offer for the Winter 2021/22 season includes winter vests and jackets, sweatshirts and trousers made of soft fleece, comfortable flannel shirts, loose t-shirts, denim trousers and jackets, as well as eye-catching dresses. The collection is complemented by colourful accessories in the form of best-selling hats, scarves and socks. The fabrics are primarily soft, high-quality cotton, certified viscose from  sustainable production, polyamide, denim made from a combination of cotton with recycled cotton and polyester, as well as natural leather. The Climashield® Apex™ insulation was used in the jackets, which is also used in winter clothes produced for the US Army. The collection has been sewn in Poland.

The photo session by Agata Serge is just as colourful and lively as the NOW collection. "The main themes of Robert Kupisz's new campaign are the play with colour and the action of "print on the print". We tried to choose the styles for the background alternately, so that the series of photos was consistent in reception. We used two different cameras to perform the session: digital and analogue –Mamiya RZ67. The analogue camera rolls were developed, then scanned and added to the final layout. The new collection by Robert and the backgrounds that were specially prepared for the session are very saturated with colour, and such a treatment along with the combination of analogue and digital photos cements the final material into an organized whole. – says the author about the session.

The photos are complemented by a film made by Paweł Grabowski from WOW Pictures.                                          

The NOW AW2021/22 collection is now available for pre-order online robertkupisz.com. In company boutiques located in Warsaw, Gdynia and Poznań. On the showroom.pl and moliera2.com platforms and in multi-brand boutiques cooperating with the brand in Krakow, Katowice, Wrocław and Kielce, the NOW collection will be available from January 6.

Pictures: Agata Serge
Session participants: Nicole Gregorczuk (Uncover Models), Janek Grzesiewicz (Chilli Models)
Stylist: Robert Kupisz
MUA & Hair: Koleta Gabrysiak
Production: Ania Borowska / Art Works, Krzysztof Malinowski / KM Media



Camerawork and editing: Paweł Grabowski / WOW Pictures
Assistance: Klaudia Kozik
Editing: Paweł Grabowski
Color Grading: Piotr Putko

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