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Dzień Dziecka by Qπш
photo: Patryk Bułhak

Take a Children's Day - that is a day free of seriousness , responsibility , payments... should you! On the occasion of Children's Day, Robert Kupisz for the second time presents a special line of t-shirts for adults otherwise, in which the main role is played by humor, distance to one another and a noble cause. Robert along with the entire team decided to share success and pass 50% of the income from the sale of t-shirts "Children's Day by Qπш" to the Robinson Crusoe Foundation which is dealing with the empowerment and promotion of comprehensive youth from foster care institutions (orphanages, foster families, family orphanages) at risk of social exclusion. Proteges of the Robinson Crusoe Foundation are in need of support, both in the area of social skills and emotions.

The purpose of the Foundation is to increase employment opportunities for young people who have a difficult start in life, by raising the level of their social skills, professional skills and gain experience. Proteges and pupils of the Robinson Crusoe Foundation – ”The Robinsons” - take part in work placements at selected companies that will allow them to gain new skills and experience.

Last year's campaign has allowed to make a profit, so that the Foundation Robinson Crusoe could re-start their project "Vehicle of Empowerment" in Zawiercie. The passed income supported the program for young people from difficult backgrounds who are just entering their adulthood. Together with the Robinson Crusoe Foundation we’d like to thank all those who bought a t-shirt "Children's Day by Qπш".

Each of you can help the proteges of Robinson Crusoe Foundation by purchasing a specially designed t-shirt by Robert Kupisz. This year's t-shirts "Children's Day by Qπш" will be available in 3 colours: black, pink and khaki. Those t-shirts will be available in our boutiques in Warsaw (48 Mokotowska Street and Galleria Mokotów) and Gdynia (CH Klif).

Thanks to you another Robinson will leave his island!

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