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OPERA Qπш Robert Kupisz Winter 2015/16
Photo by Marcin Tyszka 


The spectacular photos from the Opera Winter 2015/16 by QПШ Robert Kupisz come as a result of yet another collaboration with the renowned photographer Macin Tyszka.

“Marcin and I have known and liked each other, and worked together for years. Marcin thanks to his artistic sensitivity and aesthetic understands me and my ideas, in the context of the Opera collection as well as the QПШ Robert Kupisz brand. Working with him is both a pleasure and a guaranty of an exceptional result.” – says Robert.

“I wanted the campaign to convey magic and mystery” – says the designer. “For the models to have an operatic and theatrical, almost whimsical quality. And at the same time be full of passion and sensuality, which are characteristic of my brand.”

Robert Kupisz, who was a guest judge on Poland’s Top Model, chose two contestants for the newest Opera Winter 2015/16 campaign. The models featured in the shoot are Karolina Pisarek and Andre Whyte. “I picked them because they make a truly sensual pair. Karolina is a beautiful, delicate woman. Andre with his exotic looks and a robust physique adds interesting diversity. What’s more I was delighted by Andre’s personality. He is a noble person, one to learn from. When I saw Andre and Karolina together I knew they would be perfect for the Opera campaign.”

The Opera Winter 2015/16 collection is built on the glamour grunge aesthetic, characteristic for Robert Kupisz. It’s dominated by black, shady grey, shiny sequins, delicate beige, enhanced with elaborate embroideries and hand made feather embellishments.


Photographer: Marcin Tyszka
Film and editing: Piotr Krzymowski
Model: Andre Whyte
Model: Karolina Pisarek/ Avant Models
Styling: Magda Jagnicka
Make-up: Marianna Yurkiewicz
Hair: Michał Bielecki/Warsaw Creatives
Producer: Art Works Sp. z o.o

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