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Photo by Żaneta Nawrot

Qπш KIDS line, which has become a permanent part of the Qπш Robert Kupisz brand portfolio, is a set of seasonal collections created with children and teenagers in mind, who want to dress in the same style as adult customers.

In the Qπш KIDS collection for the summer 2021 season, Robert Kupisz takes us to the Far East. "I've designed the ORIENT collection for adults during the onset of the pandemic and the closure of subsequent countries. I was planning to visit Japan, but it wasn't possible, so I decided to go on a trip of imagination and still show the Japanese orient in my collection."

The theme of the collection are graphics inspired by Japanese pop art and alphabet. "I was inspired by Japanese font, because the characters in this alphabet are beautiful graphics, and those written with a brush look like sophisticated tattoos. Japanese pop art has been setting trends and inspiring artists around the world for years. Saturated with colours and a characteristic graphic line, it was my inspiration for prints in the Orient collection" – adds Robert Kupisz.

The Qπш KIDS collection for the summer season 2021 includes joyful, saturated colours, soft and pleasant to the touch knitted fabrics, multi-coloured prints and the ubiquitous calligraphed logo of the brand. The offer had to include hooded sweatshirts, loose fit sweatpants and collector's t-shirts that are loved by children and teenagers. The main graphic of the collection is a street-art portrait of a contemporary geisha and a samurai. It appears not only on the iconic T-shirts, but also on hand-dyed, fringed sweatshirts and dresses.

The entire Qπш KIDS collection was produced in Poland from the highest-quality fabrics with the international OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate as well as the "Safe for children" certificate of the Polish Textile Institute. Both certificates guarantee that the clothes are safe for the environment and humans, don't contain harmful chemicals and confirm the purity of the products at all stages of production, from raw materials to finished products.
The author of photographs for the image campaign promoting the collection is Żaneta Nawrot, a children's fashion photographer living and working in Italy. The session took place in sunny Puglia under the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

The children participating in the session, which took place in a real car scrapyard, instantly turned into Transformers heroes, referring to the first Japanese Car Robots toys by Takara company as well as the theme of the collection. There was a ton of fun, and the children didn't want to go home or change the style from the children's Qπш KIDS collection to their clothes!

The Summer 2021 Qπш KIDS collection is available for online sale on the website robertkupisz.com.

Photos: Żaneta Nawrot
Video: Pierdomenico Minafra
Models: Martina, Miriana, Jamal, Michele
Location: Casamassima Puglia Italy



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