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ROOTS PROFILE sweatshirt

425.00 zł
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In the ROOTS collection, we decided to reach the roots of civilization, streetwear and our brand - we focus on cultural diversity, comfort and living at peace with yourself.

The sweatshirt is our favorite piece of clothing - it's comfortable, looks good with everything and allows you to express your style freely, so the collection about the roots could not miss your favorite models in new colors and new designs, reflecting the spirit of freedom.

One of the leading colors of this collection is deep brown - it is a great alternative to black and goes well with everything you already have and what you plan to have in your wardrobe. The print of an animal pattern on the sleeves and a contrasting logo with a wild cat on the neck emphasize the message of the collection, and the whole is complemented by a large, original print on the chest.

The model is 183 cm tall.

  • one size fits all
  • oversize cut
  • original print on the chest, animal print on the sleeves, logo on the neck
  • wide neckline
  • raw finished neckline, bottom and sleeves
  • hand wash at 30 ° C with a little mild detergent

COMPOSITION: 100% cotton of Polish production with OEKO-TEX certificate.
Sweatshirts are sewn in Poland.

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