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A long, voluminous scarf made of light fabric is the perfect complement to any styling - its semi-transparent texture combined with tie dye method gives a multi-dimensional, original effect, and the delicate fibers prevent you from feeling that you have it around your neck. Tie dye dye creates unique, gradient patterns on the fabric and means that each piece is one-of-a-kind and its irregular color is intended. The raw finish of the shawl adds a rebellious, designer character.

  • dimensions: 190 x 140 cm
  • raw finish
  • air dry slightly twisted
  • hand wash at 30 ° C with a little mild detergent
  • Tie dye can cause the garment to stain when washed and leave marks on bright surfaces

COMPOSITION: 100% Chinese viscose
Scarves are hand sewn and dyed in Poland.

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