Backstage of the CROWN by Qπш Robert Kupisz collection show, Winter 2018/19
photo: Robert Purwin / Mr. Faceless

On December 6, the Praska Printing House in Warsaw hosted a show of the latest collection - CROWN by Qπш Robert Kupisz for the Winter 2018/19 season. The inspiration to create the collection was the history of famous royal families, their struggle for power and the battles they fought.

“I often draw inspiration for creating collections from films and music. Recently, I have been fascinated by historical films and series, the way kings came to power, the majesty of royal families who come close to sainthood, and the intrigues and wars they wage. When preparing the Crown collections, however, I did not think in terms of creating period costumes, but rather a contemporary casual collection. Inspiration is the perfect excuse to have some fancy fun with fashion.”

The CROWN collection is exactly like that - casual and completely contemporary, but from a distance Robert Kupisz winks at us - let's not take ourselves too seriously, let's reject limitations and play with our image. We can be exceptionally stylish and have complete distance from ourselves at the same time. At least in Kupisz it is allowed.

The Kupisz woman, dressed in airy, lace blouses, velor dresses with lace applications, and sports sweatshirts with sequins, plays at being a bit of a princess, a bit of a warrior. She is accompanied on the catwalk by a modern prince in torn jeans, a jacquard jacket and the indispensable crown, whose sole purpose is to... warm his head. The crown, which, by the way, is the Designer's proposal for snowboarding enthusiasts.

“I translate my inspirations into street fashion. When styling collections, I always take into account whether my clients could wear the clothes I designed on the street. What I create must be light, with a certain amount of distance, and people must feel good in it," adds Robert Kupisz.

The next part of the collection is clothes for the army, which every kingdom should have. Robert's kingdom has modern warriors styled in oversize flyers, camouflage coats, combat trousers, and thick sweaters whose weave imitates the chain mail worn by knights.

The CROWN collection for the winter 2018/19 season is in military colors. The collection is dominated by camouflage and khaki colors, combined with contrasting pink. The dominant fabrics are corduroy, silk and artificial fur, as well as hand-dyed cotton, velvet and distressed denim, so characteristic of the Qπш Robert Kupisz brand.

Music and scenography, the originator of which is Robert Kupisz, played a very important role in the CROWN collection show.

“The musical inspiration was the work of Goran Bregović, Greek and Russian Orthodox choirs, music from the films "Pan Volodyovsky" and "Genghis Khan". I drew from all these songs to create the soundtrack for the Crown show. The finale of the show is the coronation scene, which usually took place in majestic cathedrals. I wanted the music to help the viewer move back to historic times and build the tension accompanying celebrations of this importance.

The set is a replica of a baroque door from a castle that burned down after many battles.

"When preparing the show, I always want to take guests to a place that will allow them to feel the atmosphere of the collection and forget about reality for a moment. This time I chose an old, burnt door as the set design, which was a silent witness to great events and hides secrets."