We believe that sustainable development is not a trend but a necessity. This is especially important in the fashion industry, which has a great impact on environmental pollution and emissions. Every second, a garbage truck full of clothes ends up in landfills around the world, ready to be burned or destroyed! We want to continue creating beautiful and comfortable clothes, but we feel responsible towards the planet and the creatures living on it, and we have an obligation to limit negative phenomena as much as possible. Even though since the beginning of Qπш we have been working to ensure that the fashion we create is responsible, we know that there is still a lot to do in this matter.

We believe that transparency is an important tool for change, so we hired a sustainability specialist who will look at our activities and declare what we have already achieved and what we can still improve.


The materials from which our clothes are made have certificates, both those confirming skin-friendliness and the lack of harmful compounds, i.e. OEKO TEX, and much more demanding ones, for example GOTS, proving the ecological process of producing fabrics and knitted fabrics, ecological crops, closed energy cycle and water, GRS for materials that contain at least 20% recycled fibers, and the Better Cotton Initiative supporting the production of raw cotton in a way that is best for plantation workers, the environment and the region.

We rely mainly on materials from suppliers from Poland, Europe and Turkey, and in a few cases from China - thanks to this, we can choose materials that, like our nylon, are 100% recycled or denim, which is washed and decatized without harming the ecosystem. All our suppliers are, like us, aware of how important it is to take care of the environment and they are developing technologically to meet the new reality of the clothing industry - they are gaining new certificates and often offer us new materials and solutions.

Almost all of our clothes are sewn in small Polish tailoring and sewing workshops with which we have been cooperating for many years - of course, we visited them to check their employment conditions and production processes, so we are sure that the clothes you wear were made with respect for the people who created them.
When it comes to down jackets and vests sewn in China - at the moment, only they have the appropriate technology thanks to which they are able to meet our quality expectations while maintaining the affordable price of the final product.
Of course, because almost all of our clothes are sewn in Poland, more precisely in Łódź and the surrounding area, the transport itself leaves a relatively small carbon footprint - the finished products reach our office in Warsaw. Together with the sewing companies, we agreed that the products would arrive only in cardboard boxes, without unnecessary foil and papers, and would then be transported to a small warehouse at our headquarters.

You may have noticed that from time to time projects disappear from our website and we let you know to sign up for e-mail notifications about availability - all because we sew relatively small quantities of each product and size. Only when a specific design is sold out do we let the sewing shop know that we need another batch - thanks to this, we do not generate unnecessary waste and we are not forced to rent huge warehouse halls and finance complicated storage solutions - everything is at our place, stored in reusable boxes and without foil, after all, breathable materials do great without it.
The office also produces the iconic tie-dye clothes you love, so we have artistic and ecological control over the entire process, water and energy consumption.

Since we are already at the company's headquarters, we want you to know that it is not accidental - we chose a location with excellent connections to the entire city and suburban areas, which is why most of us (even those who have cars) decide to travel by public transport. The office is bright, so we work in daylight practically all day long and do not waste energy. Of course we sort waste!

The tissue paper and boxes in which we pack your online orders and bags in boutiques are also made of recycled materials, without unnecessary foil and lots of documents. We are also constantly working to reduce the consumption of paper and other raw materials to the necessary minimum in the future and to reuse some materials.

Above all, we try to create clothes that, if properly cared for, will serve you for years - great quality and timeless designs in the universal language of freedom.