QΠШ [Q-Pi-Sh] is a Polish clothing brand founded in 2011 by Robert Kupisz and Ania Borowska. The brand is the fulfillment of a lifelong desire to have a fashion brand and design collections that will not only satisfy the aesthetics, but also the comfort of the most demanding customers. The clothes offered by the QΠШ brand are not only characterized by unique design and the highest quality, they are also extremely comfortable to wear. The realization of this dream was the premiere on March 17, 2011, when the QΠШ brand debuted on the Polish fashion market with a show of a rock-grunge collection, which immediately found its loyal fans. Single items from the collection, initially worn by Ania's friends and Robert's enthusiasts, were quickly replaced by regular production and the opening of the brand's first and subsequent boutiques.
The QΠШ brand is characterized by a combination of streetwear and grunge and rock styles, which you can play with and use your imagination to combine. What matters is uniqueness, being authentic and free. Striving for freedom and not giving in to established conventions, listening to your own instincts are values ​​that the co-owners of the QΠШ brand value very much 
In addition to regular seasonal collections, the QΠШ brand offers the QΠШ Forever line, which includes the most characteristic and timeless evergreens, the QΠШ Activewear line with sportswear, and the QΠШ Kids line with an offer for the youngest brand enthusiasts.
The development and success of the company also allowed for the involvement of the Qπш brand and Ania and Robert personally in charity activities. Examples include the "Children's Day" campaign in cooperation with the Robinson Crusoe Foundation, annual support of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, participation in BRA DAY Polska, an action promoting knowledge about breast cancer prevention and knowledge about treatment methods and options, and increasing awareness of reconstruction. breasts after mastectomy or supporting the documentary "Bez Retoszu" and the campaign raising awareness among women with cancer how to come to terms with this difficult experience and find a way to survive it.