Backstage of the LATINA by Qπш Robert Kupisz Summer 2019 collection show
photo: Robert Purwin / Mr. Faceless

On June 6, the Praska Printing House in Warsaw hosted a show of the latest collection - LATINA by Qπш Robert Kupisz for the Summer 2019 season. The inspiration to create the collection was the diversity of cultures and customs of the inhabitants of South America.

Robert Kupisz has been dancing Latin American dances professionally for over 20 years, so the topic of the latest collection for the spring/summer 2019 season is very close to him. Dancing is still his passion and he often attends dance tournaments to support his friends. When working on the collection, however, he focused not on the entertainment part of Latino life, but on their often dramatic fate. “The LATINA collection is not only about hot dances and carnivals, it is also about life in favelas, where the inhabitants see troops, gang wars and violence on a daily basis. Their lives happen "here and now", so despite difficult conditions, they try to live normally: they organize beauty contests, hot parties with modern, very aggressive music and party like there is no tomorrow.

Kupisz's woman is extremely sexy, her clothes emphasize her ferocity, courage and strength. In the women's part of the collection, in addition to ruffled dresses, sequined tops and jean shorts, there were also strong accents: camouflage jackets, cotton pants and hoodies, and leather jackets with wide shoulders.

She is accompanied by a strong, dark guy, dressed in leather pants and a jacket or military pants and a camouflage jacket, sometimes in a comfortable tracksuit set. Kupisz's guy is not afraid of being pigeonholed when he dresses in a shiny sequin suit. She looks super sexy in it and doesn't worry about conventions. They have fun with fashion and focus on modernity.

In addition to the favorite hand-dyed cotton, the collection also includes many shiny and colorful fabrics, nylon, and distressed denim. The dominant colors are white, black and the entire gray palette, with the addition of powder pink and intense yellow. The designs feature multi-colored sequin butterflies and prints that make strong statements. “This time I used the slogan LIBRE (Spanish for FREE) and the equal sign, which are very universal and apply to all of us regardless of the geographical latitude in which we live. The T-shirts also feature a rifle motif because I wanted to give women weapons. But not in the literal sense, more symbolically - as a driving force to fight for your rights."

The set design for the show is also Kupisz's own idea. A cross-section of apartments in the favela was built on scaffolding, revealing scenes from the everyday life of the favelados.

The iconic Australian brand MUK took care of the hairstyles of the models at the show, offering a wide range of professional hair care and styling products, as well as revolutionary coloring dyes. The unrivaled curlers of this brand helped create nonchalant waves and curls.

The models' nails were taken care of by the Polish brand Indigo Nails, an expert in professional nail styling and care, closely cooperating with fashion brands. Robert personally selected 5 colors from the latest collection of nail polishes that perfectly match the Latina collection.

The Bobbi Brown brand took care of the models' flawless makeup, using cosmetics from its wide portfolio

The James Read Tan cosmetics line perfectly matched the hot atmosphere of the show - exclusive self-tanners that gave the models a delicate golden glow.

Adidas & Reebok models used to style both women's and men's silhouettes at the show were made available by the online store

Once again, sports socks with the QПШ logo, designed by Robert, were produced especially for the show by the Gatta brand.

The show's partners included the Elixa and Aztorin brands. Particularly characteristic gold and silver Elixa watches perfectly matched the atmosphere of the show and perfectly matched the models' styling.

The Wyborowa brand - a permanent partner of QПШ brand shows and events - took care of the excellent mood of the guests during the show and at the after party.

Cisowianka Perlage water - the show's partner - reigned supreme in the bar and among the guests gathered in the stands and backstage during the day-long preparations for the show.

The new very very lemon lemonade with bubbles Lemon Lemon from 7UP provided a moment of relaxation for the show guests! Robert Kupisz created a series of limited T-shirts especially for the Lemon Lemon brand.

The media patrons of the show were the titles of the Bauer publishing house, with which the Qπш Robert Kupisz brand has been cooperating for many seasons: Pani, Your Styl and Show, as well as the portals,, MiuMag and