Robert Kupisz's second collection was inspired by the poetry of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński. Through the poet's work, the fashion designer referred to one of the key historical events of contemporary Poland - the Warsaw Uprising, its young heroes and its symbolism today. Robert Kupisz called the collection Heroes, and the fashion show he created was a significant event in Polish fashion.

The Warsaw Uprising has always aroused a lot of emotions in me and raised many questions that were difficult for me to answer. – says Robert – I have often wondered what would happen if something similar happened to us now. I also wanted to try to introduce people, especially young people, to Poland - adds the Polish fashion designer - its history, symbols, heroes of those years such as Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, a brave, beautiful and highly talented man. To show, avoiding pompousness, that having such protagonists, we do not have to borrow idols from other countries. Finally, make them like our symbols and proudly wear the Polish eagle. I would also like to make the topic more accessible and at the same time invite you to a moment of reflection, even a short stop, for which we have less and less time in today's constantly rushing world.

Robert Kupisz's unique fashion show makes the winter 2012/2013 collection memorable. It consists primarily of outerwear such as sheepskin coats, woolen coats, leather clothing and knitted scarves, but also flannel shirts, airy silk dresses and skirts, all hand-dyed. The graphic leitmotif is the Polish emblem, a white eagle with a crown. Autumn colors dominate among the colors: broken blacks, greys, beiges and navy blues. Cotton, woolen and silk fabrics predominate, but there is also a lot of leather and denim. Robert Kupisz's designs contain many characteristic elements that are rich in grunge fashion. There was also a characteristic element in each collection, which is a printed T-shirt. The T-shirt with the eagle meant that the patriotic collection authored by Robert Kupisz found recipients not only among fans of streetwear style. Patriotism in fashion is part of the latest trends, and the Heroes collection was positively received by critics and fashion experts.