On June 7, 2017, in the industrial hall at the Soho Factory in Warsaw, the show of the latest collection took place - DESERT by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ, Summer 2018. The inspiration for the collection were the deserts of the world - their multicolor, ambiguity, reflectivity, diversity.

“The topic of the desert has been on my mind for several seasons. For me, the desert is a combination of magic and a sense of complete freedom. The desert is egalitarian. Nature does not divide people, it is apolitical, non-religious and this is how I perceive the desert, with all its colors, smells, sounds, textures and shapes. The desert is freedom. It's people who create barriers that, in my opinion, are completely unnecessary.”

Initially, the Designer focused on the mystery and colors of the Sahara, but as he worked on the collection, he was also inspired by, among others, American deserts and the hippie movement of the 1960s. The times when hippies escaped from the hustle and bustle of the world and the imposed rules to the desert. They lived in communes. They dressed in their own way. They valued freedom and tolerance above all else.

“Nowadays, the desert has gained a new life, where music and art festivals are held. People from all over the world come there to have fun and enjoy life, like modern hippies. During such events, different cultures, experiences and views come together. People of different nationalities get to know each other, have fun together and enjoy life. Such a lesson in tolerance is extremely inspiring."

The Kupisz woman in the Desert collection is a mysterious, independent hippie who goes her own way. Free, appreciative of nature, open to the world. Dressed in a loose dress made of soft cotton or airy etamine, a denim skirt or trousers, a light shirt, sexy in an unpretentious way. Full of charm and unrestrained by anything.

She is accompanied by an active nomad, an adventure-seeking outsider, extremely sexy in his mystery. His entire casual, relaxed wardrobe, including his suit, fits into J's backpack

The Desert collection for the Summer 2018 season is in desert colors: sandy beiges and browns, whites and blues. Strong turquoise appears here and there, perfectly emphasizing the summer atmosphere of the collection. A characteristic element is the peace symbol placed as a guiding sign on T-shirts and dresses, as well as the shiny coin motif, as in decorative Oriental costumes. The designer returns to his own dyeing of T-shirts, sweatshirts and dresses, as well as manual decatizing of denim clothing.

In addition to the refined cotton, airy etamine and viscose most frequently used by the brand, the materials include heavily distressed denim and thin corduroy, as well as white leather, from which the designer offers characteristic jackets.

The QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ brand presents for the first time a collection of sunglasses produced in cooperation with the Albert I'm Stein brand.


The main partner of the show was the sparkling natural mineral water Cisowianka Perlage, which not only reigned supreme in the bar and among the guests gathered in the stands and backstage during the day-long preparations for the show, but was the main element of the set design in the form of a three-dimensional sculpture.

The iconic Australian brand MUK took care of the hairstyles, offering a wide range of professional hair care and styling products, as well as revolutionary coloring dyes. by Notino took care of the models' flawless makeup using cosmetics from its wide range.

Sexy high-heeled sandals and comfortable flip-flops were provided by the Kazar brand for the show. The iconic Adidas Gazelle and Stan Smith models in summer versions and Reebok flip-flops are available at the online store

Leopard-print socks and leggings, designed by Robert, were produced especially for the show by the Gatta brand.

The show's partners included the Elixa and Aztorin brands. We saw jewelry and watches focusing on design, especially hoop earrings and strong, sporty models of Aztorin men's watches. The designer also used bracelets from the Apart - Indali collection in the show.

The excellent mood of the guests during the show and at the after party was ensured by Wyborowa vodka - a permanent partner of QПШ brand shows and events, and the Belgian monastery beer Grimbergen, which perfectly combines tradition with modernity.

The media patrons of the show are the titles of the Bauer publishing house, with which Robert has been cooperating for many seasons: Your Styl, Pani, Grazia, Show and the portals,, and