Guests of Robert Kupisz's Gelem show Winter 2013/14
photo: AKPA

Unusual colors, lots of black, loose styles, layers, numerous decorations and details - these and other elements of Gypsy culture determined the character of Robert Kupisz's fifth collection, Gelem Winter 2013/14.

“Clothing should not only be functional, it communicates our lifestyle and allows us to express appreciation, affiliation or protest.” - says Robert Kupisz - "Travelling around the world opened the door to other cultures, and this influenced the way we dress." - he adds.

The designer's inspiration was once again art: old photos portraying the colorful Gypsy community; the life and work of Papusza, the first Gypsy poet living in Poland, musician of the New York band Gogol Bordello, mixing spontaneous Romani notes with punk rock, or films such as "Tabor wędruje do nieba", about the love of freedom, directed by Emil Lotianu or played by Brad Pitt. Mickey from the cult "Snatch" by Guy Ritchie.

"Gypsies have a mysterious ability to transform everything around them into art," notes Polish fashion designer Robert Kupisz.

The Gelem by Robert Kupisz Winter 2013/2014 collection is consistently maintained in the streetwear style that the fashion designer has proposed so far. Clothing is not only functional, it also expresses beliefs, reflects lifestyle, way of thinking, values ​​and sensitivity to beauty. The women's silhouettes of this collection captivate with their airiness, subtlety and natural, unrestrained beauty, while the men's silhouettes represent strength, determination and efficiency. Robert Kupisz created a gypsy fashion show, during which a new T-shirt with the print: "Zombie Girl T-shirt" was also presented. The main idea is eclecticism and grunge fashion, sporty clothing styles combined with embroidered sheepskin coats, airy dresses and raw leather clothing, thick wool and raw denim. Dark colors dominate: navy blue and gray. Robert Kupisz created a fashion show that was again commented on by all the media and press. The Gelem collection has proven that fashion inspired by gypsies fits perfectly into the latest trends. Following the spirit of Eco fashion, the designer successfully used recycling for the first time.