Robert Kupisz's Wanted Summer 2013 collection show
photo: AKPA

When creating the Wanted Summer 2013 collection, fashion designer Robert Kupisz was inspired by the aesthetics of the Wild West, especially in its cinematic version. The main point of reference was the title "Once Upon a Time in the West", especially the captivating colors of the raw landscapes, the sensual and adventurous music of Ennio Morricone and the character of Jill McBain, played by the sensual, strong and brave Claudia Cardinale.

I am very lucky because most of the women surrounding me and important to me are, like the heroine of the film, strong and brave, and at the same time beautiful women - says Polish fashion designer Robert Kupisz - And it was them who inspired me to show the entire collection, both women's , as well as men's, only on models. I wanted to present bold, attractive women, aware of their sexuality, set in the modern Wild West.

The fashion show presented by Robert Kupisz was once again in line with the latest trends. Inspired by the Wild West, the Wanted collection refers to the colorful and voluminous dresses of women accompanying cowboys on the prairie. Intense colors, such as turquoise and blue, are contrasted with shades of sandy beige and brown. The collection created by Robert Kupisz delights with its richness of materials. Distressed leather clothing, denim and checked flannels contrast with airy silk dresses and transparent lace. A T-shirt with a print also appeared in this collection, this time it was the Wanted T-shirt. Robert Kupisz's fashion show was complemented by shoes that were created by the designer especially for this occasion in cooperation with the Loft37 brand. The summer 2013 collection shows that the Wild West is still present in fashion and can be included in seemingly different styles, such as streetwear or grunge fashion, which has accompanied the designer from the beginning. Once again, it is clear that each Robert Kupisz collection is unique and timeless in many respects.