Anarchy by QПШ Robert Kupisz campaign summer 2015
photo: Marcin Tyszka

It's been 4 years since Robert Kupisz made his debut as a designer. The characteristic style he created quickly became part of the aesthetics of Polish streetwear, and each collection surprises and strengthens his position on the Polish fashion market.

The designer's unwavering commitment to the brand's development resulted in the first official campaign. Robert invited Marcin Tyszka to create an image session of the ANARCHY by QПШ Robert Kupisz summer 2015 collection. “The choice of photographer was simple. Marcin and I have known each other for 15 years. We worked together on many sessions. It was he who showed my portfolio in Paris and contributed to the fact that I worked as a hair stylist on sessions for foreign magazines. This is a very inspiring cooperation and a guarantee of world-class photos," said Robert.

The idea for the ANARCHY campaign was rebellion. The photos show a pair of siblings escaping from reality and a world that tries to pigeonhole, judge and limit them. The dominant colors are black, hand-dyed grey, leather, zippers and patches characteristic of the subcultures of Jarocin in 1980, which was the designer's inspiration when creating the ANARCHY collection. Leather clothing from the Qπш Forever line was also used for styling, which consists of the brand's best-selling products in the grunge style typical of Kupisz.

Robert Kupisz's idea was for the movements and gestures of the models captured in the frame to resemble the dynamics of the dancers. “We wanted to show that these clothes are comfortable and you can move freely in them. I lead an active lifestyle. I roller skate, run, and do CrossFit in my brand's clothes, so I know they are suitable for such sessions," says Robert. “The ANARCHY collection is very rebellious. We show this rebellion in subtle aesthetics, without makeup. We took the photos wet to obtain the most natural effect possible," adds Marcin Tyszka.

Anatol Modzelewski, one of the most sought-after models who has been making a career on global catwalks for several years, was engaged in the campaign. “Its disturbing beauty fits perfectly into the style of the collection. Rebellious, rebellious, a bit mysterious - it's exactly like my clothes," emphasizes Robert. For contrast, he was compared with debutant Marta Wieczorek. “Anatol has something of an aristocrat and a scoundrel at the same time. Marta is a beautiful and very subtle girl. That's why I thought they would make a great duo."