DESERT Qπш Robert Kupisz campaign Summer 2018

The photos for the DESERT by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ image session were created in cooperation with Magdalena Ławniczak, a photographer who has been living and working in France for several years. The Artistic Director of the project was Ewelina Gralak, who was also responsible for styling. The model was played by Nicolas Endlicher, a DJ living in Paris, who was invited to participate in the project via Instagram, where Ewelina discovered him. He was accompanied by Kasia Oskard from the NEVA MODELS agency. The model made her debut on the GUCCI catwalk in the fall-winter 2016 season, which resulted in her permanent involvement in the fashion house's shows. Her work was appreciated by, among others, industry portal awarding the title MODEL OF THE WEEK.

The session was intended to show the brand's offer in a different version than during the June show. “By establishing cooperation with Ewelina Gralak, I gave her a free hand in artistic matters. I usually personally style sessions and shows. This time I wanted to put my product in the hands of someone who would look at it from their own perspective," says Robert Kupisz.

“First of all, I wanted to emphasize the urban character of these things, see them in a slightly different, more raw version. Against the background of Warsaw, which I see every day, and against the people I meet on the streets of Berlin, Paris and London. When working on this session, the choice of characters was important to me. It was intended to illustrate the plasticity of clothes and reflect their unisex profile. I wanted to create the silhouette of a modern urban nomad, which we had already talked about with Robert, and reach a new group of recipients with these clothes." – says Ewelina about the idea for the session.

The result of the cooperation is a session with a raw, urban atmosphere. The photos create the story of modern nomads - inhabitants of the concrete jungle, who focus on comfort and clothes that emphasize their personality.

Photographer: Magdalena Ławniczak
Artistic Director: Ewelina Gralak
Model: Kasia Oskard / Neva Models
Model: Nicolas Endlicher
Styling: Ewelina Gralak
Stylist's assistant: Ewelina Oszczyła
Make-up and hair: Iwona Zembala
Producer: Art Works Sp. z o. o