IRON - winter 2014/15

The inspiration for the photos of the IRON winter 2014/15 collection was the turbulent relationship between the bassist of the cult group Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, and Nancy Spungen.

Maciej Bernas and his collaborator Boom Team attempted to reconstruct a love story that, despite its tragic ending (Nancy was murdered and Sid was accused of her murder), has become a legend. The authors of the session took the idea for the photos from authentic photographs of the couple and images from the biographical film "Sid and Nancy: Love Kills".

The photo session used clothes from the IRON collection, which perfectly fit the punk atmosphere of the characters' adventurous lifestyle.

Photos: Maciej Bernas
Model: Natalia/AVANT, Rafael/SPECTO
Stylist: Paula Dudziak/BOOM TEAM
Make-up: Agnieszka Wilk/ BOOM TEAM, Anna Piechocka
Hairstyles: Iwona Gorzelak/ Bagatela10
Production: Ilmatic