Photo: Zuza Krajewska

The photos for the LATINA by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ image session were created in cooperation with Zuza Krajewska, who was the author of the photos for the previous TANGO campaign.

“We joined forces again because Zuza, like few others, feels the urban atmosphere, intensity and challenges of functioning in this space. The inspiration to create the latest collection was the life and culture of Latinos, but not only hot dances and carnivals, but also life in favelas, where the inhabitants see troops, gang wars and violence on a daily basis. Their lives happen "here and now" as if there was no tomorrow. When creating clothes, I focus on ensuring that, despite a strong leitmotif, they are wearable every day, and that they create a coherent whole with previous collections and complement each other. The greatest joy for me is seeing people wearing the QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ brand in everyday life,” says Robert Kupisz.

The main slogans of the collection are the word LIBRE (Spanish for FREE) and the equal sign, which are very current and universal and apply to everyone regardless of geographical location.

Three models and two female models took part in the campaign. Michał Kuś was responsible for preparing the styling. The hairstyle was designed by Piotr Wasiński, and the make-up was done by Sylwia Rakowska.

The result of the cooperation are photos of a diverse group of individuals, citizens of the world without affiliation and beyond divisions. The choice of location for the session makes the photos universal and fit into the space of any city. The aim of the session was for everyone who would look at the photos to be able to imagine themselves wearing these clothes, without being assigned to a specific place or being pigeonholed into a given social group or status.

Photographer / Artistic Director: Zuza Krajewska
Olga Krasova (Specto Models)
Maria Dębicka (Model Plus)
Oskar Jagodziński (AS Management)
Adrian Niecikowski (AS Management)
Kamil Bahr (More Models)
Styling: Michał Kuś
Make-up: Sylwia Rakowska (Van Dorsen Artists)
Hairstyles: Piotr Wasiński (Van Dorsen Artists)
Producer: Art Works Sp. z o. o

Director: Marcin Ziółko