photo: Łukasz Jurewicz

Robert Kupisz is not slowing down. Just after the premiere of the new collection of the brand's main line and the success of the next edition of QΠШ KIDS, it presents the latest project from its portfolio - QΠШ ACTIVEWEAR - a collection of clothes for active people!

The first QΠШ ACTIVEWEAR collection is comfortable sportswear for women and men. It includes tops, T-shirts, leggings, shorts and sweatshirts that will work well during gym, fitness or yoga classes, but also in casual styles. All clothes are made of specialized, breathable sports fabrics. The offer is dominated by grey, black and silver. The clothes are in the brand's characteristic style and refer to the Designer's current collections. “By creating ACTIVEWEAR, I wanted to offer our customers clothes that they could combine with products from the main line and wear them both for sports and everyday use. I am physically active, so I wanted sports clothes to be comfortable and functional, but also stand out and emphasize the individual style of the people who wear them. – says Robert Kupisz

Katarzyna Kępka and Szymon Gaś became ambassadors of the QΠШ ACTIVEWEAR line. They are both enthusiasts of sports and a healthy lifestyle. Szymon is a motor skills specialist and tennis coach educated in the USA. On a daily basis, he deals with motor preparation of sports professionals and amateurs as well as functional training. He is responsible for the metamorphosis of Kasia, a TV presenter and producer who, just a few years ago, lived a busy life, convinced that she had no time for sports and taking care of her health. Today, the mother of two-and-a-half-year-old Jagna cannot imagine life without physical activity and is a perfect example of the fact that with the right "attitude and commitment", which is the couple's motto, you can achieve your dream figure and become positively addicted to physical activity.

“We were very happy with the offer of the Qπш Robert Kupisz brand, because its everyday style has been close to us for a long time. Now we will be able to train and feel 100% ourselves at the same time! Moreover, there was a huge lack of fashionable training clothes produced in Poland on the market.” – Katarzyna Kępka says about cooperation

The QΠШ ACTIVEWEAR collection is available in company boutiques located in Warsaw, Gdynia and Poznań and in the author's online boutique www.robertkupisz.com

Photos: Łukasz Jurewicz
The session was attended by: Katarzyna Kępka, Szymon
GaśWłosy: Mariola Cybulska / Frizz Me
Makeup: Kasia Skupny / Bobbi Brown
Production: Ania Borowska / Art. Works, Krzysztof Malinowski / KM Media

Special thanks to the CCC brand @cccshoesbags for providing sports footwear #cccgoformore