Robert Kupisz's Anarchy Summer 2015 collection show
photo: AKPA

ANARCHY by QПШ, Summer 2015 is the seventh collection by Robert Kupisz. The show took place on June 5, 2014 in the industrial hall at the Soho Factory in Warsaw.

White, black, hand-dyed gray and, for the first time, red, lots of leather, lots of zippers and patches - these are just some of the elements of the subcultures of Jarocin in 1980 that determined the character of Robert Kupisz's latest collection. The latest collection is a sentimental journey and memories from high school, the times of the first alternative music festivals. I attended an art high school where various subcultures met, including hippies, punks, and rockers. Most of my friends went to Jarocin, where bands such as Maanam, Oddzial Zamkyjny, and Siekiera performed for the first time. There, no one cared about the censorship in Poland, the words were very specific and blunt. Young people were lost and did not know how to achieve their goal - freedom. However, everyone was united by great tolerance and the desire to fight communism, Robert said. There was a time when I didn't have the courage to be a punk and run away to Jarocin. But at the moment I can recall memories through the show, styling and clothes - he adds. In Polish contemporary culture, nothing struck with the power of creative energy like the times of Jarocin. Today, hardly anyone remembers it, but it was Jarocin who combined the aesthetic and social spheres, the spheres of fiction and history. The creators of punk culture played an important role: witnesses, actors and fantasists. They were ubiquitous, noisily present, speaking, demonstrating, showing cultural constructions and breaking them down. When demonstrating the events, they were at their center.

The ANARCHY by QПШ Robert Kupisz Summer 2015 collection is in the style typical of the designer's brand. Each of my collections and each show is something new, but I try to make them refer to the previous ones. I like the style in which you can have fun, use your imagination and combine almost everything. What matters is uniqueness, comfort and being authentic. - says Robert.

The latest collection includes women's, men's and unisex silhouettes. Robert's woman in this collection is a rock, punk and rebellious woman. The designer offers women, among others: leather dresses with zippers, long silk and flannel shirts for everyday wear, which, properly styled, will be perfect as dresses for any occasion, dresses that are a loose variation of outerwear. All with lots of zippers. He pays attention to details, which is why he offers leggings with double zippers that complement the styling. Men's silhouettes are proposals in the style of rock and punk fashion with a predominance of leather, lots of pockets, patches and zippers, emphasizing determination, strength and functionality. Many silhouettes (t-shirts, trousers, jackets, pareos and sweatshirts) are, depending on the size, unisex, relaxed and unpretentious, emphasizing the strong character of both women and men in a "shop-like" way. The debut is red, which the designer has not used before. Red symbolizes self-confidence and is associated with revolution, strength and struggle. Therefore, it fits perfectly into the latest collection whose main theme is determination and the will to fight, says Robert. Natural fabrics predominate: silk, cotton, flannel, jeans, leather; The proposal also included a nylon fabric.