Robert Kupisz collection show Fair Play Summer 2014
photo: AKPA

Robert Kupisz's fifth collection was created as a result of reflection on the image of today's athlete and what is most important in sports competition, i.e. playing in accordance with the principles of fair play. These thoughts were inspired by Leni Riefenstahl's photo album and the documentary she directed, "Olympics", about the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, when politics openly entered the world of sports for the first time.

“I have the impression that from that moment on, the values ​​underlying this oldest and largest sports event have been greatly shaken. The Olympics became a political arena. In the past, the games were organized under the slogan of noble competition, wars were stopped during them, and a "holy truce" was announced during conflicts, so they were associated with peace and pure sport. Of course, sport has long been used to achieve political goals," says Polish fashion designer Robert Kupisz. "However, since the commercialization of the Olympic movement began, the political factor, alongside the economic one, has become particularly important."

Robert Kupisz is convinced that sport should be beyond any politics, and should be associated with competition according to clearly defined and applicable rules, with equal opportunities, and not with striving for victory at all costs. The graphic illustrating the fashion show created by Robert Kupisz - a skull with a laurel wreath - illustrates the designer's thoughts.

The summer 2014 collection is faithful to Robert Kupisz's style. It includes elements of streetwear and grunge fashion. The designer perfectly anticipated the upcoming trends, referring to the sports style and the Olympic Games in his collection.

Robert Kupisz's fashion show took place in a sports hall, which surprised everyone as the designer once again departed from the convention of a classic fashion show and dared to move it to an unconventional space. The fashion designer had a good idea that the sports collection would look authentic surrounded by trampolines, hurdles and football goals. The inspiration from sports in fashion, which is visible in the Fair Play collection, has proven to be extremely popular this season, thus matching the latest trends.

The Fair Play collection refers to sports costumes and their evolution over the centuries, both used during competitions and "gala" ones in which competitors present themselves during the inauguration of the Olympics. The materials used are dominated by natural fibers: jeans, wool, silk, leather clothing and cotton, from which the printed T-shirt was made. The colors are dominated by white and white colored with earthy colors, combined with gold, navy blue and burgundy.