Gangsta Summer 2016 collection show
photo: Marek Makowski

Robert Kupisz both celebrates, is fascinated by and plays with fashion. He experiments, combines things that seem impossible to combine, and for 4 years he has been encouraging us to do the same. However, he is often inspired to work on new collections by serious topics. Fighting for freedom, equal rights, tolerance, dignity, respect for human rights. “Rebels, dreamers and people who do not give in to the cynicism of the elites, established conventions and the rules imposed by the majority. They fight for their beliefs and express their views through the art they create, even if it is controversial - such people I admire and such people inspire me." – says Robert.

The Gangsta collection for the Summer 2016 season is very sporty with surprisingly rich decorations: gold and silver lions, shiny patches, gold-plated chains and belts. The leitmotif of the collection is the lion - a symbol of strength, courage, power and splendor. The lion not only appears on the main T-shirt of the collection, but is also present on many sweatshirts, jackets, dresses and baseball caps. An additional decoration of the collection is the shiny QПШ logo visible on some models, referring to the logos liked by the hip-hop subculture visible on their styles.

Sporty unisex silhouettes are mixed with super feminine options, emphasizing women's shapes in an undeniable way. Sexy dresses inspired by the style of black music icons, slightly transparent short skirts and long evening dresses, tight leather pants, softly hugging silk tunics and coats. Kupisz's woman is visible from a distance. The proposals for men are mostly in a sporty style, there are a lot of oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts, trousers and shorts, but there is also no shortage of high-quality summer jackets and coats made of refined, crushed cotton.

The proposed fabrics include natural cottons, both soft knits and those available in the form of mesh or crumpled coat fabric, bamboo, leather, jeans, noble silks and viscose, and polyester in the form of transparent mesh and shiny sweatshirt fabric.

The colors are strongly related to the QПШ brand - gray, beige, dirty pink, white, black and silver dominate. The Sebastian Professional brand was responsible for styling the hairstyles, created using unique products. Perfect make-up and perfect body colors of models are again the work of Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Women's high-heeled sandals, emphasizing the femininity of the Gangsta collection, are available from the Kazar brand, with which Robert has been cooperating for several seasons. Sports footwear from the Adidas and Air Jordan brands is available from the online store

Shiny leggings, leggings and socks with the QПШ logo, designed by Robert, were produced especially for the show by the Gatta brand.

The show's partners also included the Elixa and Aztorin brands with jewelry accessories and watches.

During the show, the premiere of the latest luxury car with an extremely harmonious design took place - Volvo XC90
The Wyborowa brand took care of the excellent mood of the guests during the show and after party.
Cisowianka Perlage water - the show's partner, reigned supreme in the bar and among the guests gathered in the stands and backstage during preparations for the show.

The media patrons of the show are the titles of the Bauer publishing house, with which Robert has been cooperating for several seasons: Your Style, Pani, Show, Grazia and the portals, and