IRON AW 2014

Robert Kupisz's Iron collection show, Winter 2014/15
photo: Marek Makowski

Iron by QПШ, Winter 2014/15 is the sixth collection of Robert Kupisz. This time, the Polish fashion designer was inspired by the history and aesthetics of the Harley riders' subculture. This movement was born after World War II; it was created by veterans who started converting old motorcycles on their own. Their style was initially closely related to military aesthetics, functional and practical. The highest value of this group was freedom, inextricably linked with unrestrained, often aimless travel, and rebellion against the North American community ossified by conventions.

The Iron by QПШ Robert Kupisz Winter 2014/15 collection is kept in the designer's characteristic style: "Each of my collections and each show is something new, but I try to make them refer to the previous ones. Coherence and continuity are important to me, so that clothes from the first or third collection can be combined with those from the last or any other collection. I create my collections with my clients in mind, they must like them," said the designer. The fashion show created by Robert Kupisz was, as usual, non-standard and unique.

The latest winter 2014/2015 collection consists of women's, men's and unisex silhouettes. The latter, relaxed and unpretentious, emphasize the sexuality of both women and men in a "shop-like" way. The dominant color is black, which the fashion designer has so far avoided. As he himself emphasized, black highlights individuality, creates natural distance, but at the same time emphasizes personality. Leather clothing predominates in fabrics, followed by silk, cotton and jeans. An important element of the collection is a fabric with a camouflage print, additionally dyed and "dirty" by Robert, and the slogan "Gotta stand tall and proud", printed on T-shirts and patches, designed especially for the designer by an artist who specializes in creating tattoos. An equally important element characterizing the motorcycle style are bandanas, an integral element of Harley riders' outfits.

Grunge fashion continues to dominate the collection. Women's silhouettes are characterized by functionality: depending on the styling, they can be worn both every day and for important evening events. Double-layered, with interestingly cut necklines and cutouts, they can be styled with zippers, creating an endless number of styles. Another version of the Iron woman is a play on men's streetwear fashion: the cuts of work overalls, military shirts, jackets and trousers are combined with sexy silk.

Men's silhouettes are mainly military style: combat trousers, leather, overalls, often combined with loose parkas with lots of pockets and zippers, emphasizing masculinity, sexuality and physical strength.

The fashion show created by Robert Kupisz was, as usual, widely commented on in the media. A parka jacket, leather clothing and a new T-shirt with a print, as usual, create the latest fashion trends, and the collection created by Robert Kupisz stands out from other Polish projects.