OCEAN 5SS 2017

OCEAN by Qπш Robert Kupisz collection show Summer 2017
photo: Marek Makowski

On June 2, 2016, in the industrial hall at the Soho Factory in Warsaw, the show of the latest collection took place - OCEAN 5 by QПШ ROBERT KUPISZ, Summer 2017. The inspiration to create the collection was the ocean - its depth, colors, textures and characters associated with it: sailors, pirates , lifeguards, sea nymphs and mermaids.

A return to the days of carefree holidays on Balkan beaches and a tribute to the designer's favorite places on the Polish Baltic Sea - in the latest OCEAN 5 collection, Robert Kupisz proves once again that he always finds the most interesting inspirations in his own memories and people he meets every day. "The sea is my favorite place of rest and relaxation, it has a therapeutic effect on me" - as the designer himself says and gives us a collection that, through warm, soft beiges and whites, a whole palette of blues and maritime motifs, takes us to both the Polish Jurata and to Bulgarian Sunny Beach. The name of the OCEAN 5 collection also highlights a special anniversary for the brand - the brand's 5th birthday, celebrated with all the guests of the show.

The OCEAN 5 collection for the Summer 2017 season is in nautical colors of navy blue, white and blue, but also referring to the colors of sand and beach - beige and gray. A seasonal element characteristic of this collection is the coral color, referring to the lifeguards' T-shirts. The collection also includes military motifs - including: a patch inspired by an admiral's badge, reinterpreted by the designer. For the first time in the brand's history, prints related to the collection's inspirations were applied to noble materials such as leather and silk.

A woman wearing the OCEAN 5 collection is the equivalent of a modern mermaid - ethereal, inaccessible and sensual - which is why her styles this season are delicate and subtle, reminiscent of forms from the 1970s, inspired by hippie, lace tunics and caftans. Holiday motifs were also visible in the image of models, who were inextricably associated with Californian surfers relaxing by the ocean.

Extremely strong elements of the OCEAN 5 collection are the stripes and tattoos that are inevitably associated with sailors - designed by a tattoo artist especially for the brand. They appear both in combinations as prints on silk and as the leading motif of a given styling. For the designer himself, despite the initial impression of kitsch, they contain truth and strength related to the tenacious nature of the sea people.

The music for the show was provided by Natalia Przybysz, in Robert's opinion one of the most interesting figures in contemporary Polish music: "Her songs really stimulate me and say a lot about young girls today - independent and strong."


The hairstyles, created using unique products, were styled by the Sebastian Professional brand using Babyliss Paris equipment. Babyliss Paris was also responsible for styling the models' facial hair. Perfect make-ups of modern mermaids and pirates are again the work of Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Women's wedge and high-heeled sandals, emphasizing the femininity of the OCEAN 5 collection, are available from the Kazar brand. The iconic Super Star and Stan Smith models by Adidas are available at the online store www.WorldBox.pl.

Sports socks with the QПШ logo, designed by Robert, were produced especially for the show by the Gatta brand.

The partners of the show included the offer of the APART brand with minimalist, but refined in form and modern Elixa and Aztorin watches, which perfectly complemented the maritime atmosphere of the collection.

The Wyborowa brand took care of the excellent mood of the guests during the show and after party.

The beer emphasizing the pirate atmosphere of the collection and the afterparty was provided by the cult brand Guinness.

Cisowianka Perlage water - the show's partner, reigned supreme in the bar and among the guests gathered in the stands and backstage during preparations for the show.

The media patrons of the show are the titles of the Bauer publishing house, with which Robert has been cooperating for many seasons: Your Style, Pani, Show, Grazia and the portals Plejada.pl, VuMag.pl and Lamode.info.

The offer of the Qπш Robert Kupisz clothing brand, present on the Polish market since 2011, is available in company boutiques located in Warsaw, Gdynia and Poznań, in the author's online boutique www.robertkupisz.com, on the platforms mostrami.pl, showroom.pl, notjustalabel .com and multibrand boutiques in Kraków, Katowice, Rzeszów, Wrocław and Kielce.