Opera Winter 2015/16 collection show
photo: AKPA

The OPERA collection for the Winter 2015/16 season retains the characteristic grunge style, which the designer captures in an effective glamor convention.

Invariably, Robert looks at fashion in a non-standard way. The mask motif appeared on the catwalk, presented in a special way. Kupisz's mask is not associated with Greek theater or carnival in Venice. It is a gas mask.

“This element of the staging of my show - says the designer - symbolizes the sense of danger in which we live as a result of various events in the modern world. Many theater makers modernize classic plays by adding symbolism to the current world. I also decided to take advantage of this opportunity through a surprising combination of fashion and the symbolism of threat.

The show also often featured the Pegasus motif, which, as a symbol of poetic inspiration, is a common decoration of vaults, pantheons, opera houses and theaters in Europe.

“For the first time in my collection there is a lot of silver, decorations and shine. - Robert continues - I tried to combine refined elegance with my characteristic style.

For the first time, dove and camel colors also appear in the collection. The cuts are inspired by ballet costumes and the classic elegance of social elites of past eras. The proposed fabrics include, apart from sequins and hand-decorated tulles, natural cottons, bamboo, noble silks and viscoses, soft wools, cashmeres and leather. Coats with fur collars and capes appeared. Sheepskin coats shiny with silver. Transparent, airy, richly decorated skirts and jackets. Dresses inspired by stage movement and dance.

The designer focuses on an unconventional selection of winter footwear, proposing a combination of summer slippers with fur or other winter accessories. “I associate such a combination with limousines pulling up to the opera house, from which beautiful and elegant women get out, who, despite the weather, wrap themselves in large outerwear and wear delicate slippers on their bare legs.”

Robert Kupisz's winter woman in the OPERA collection for the 2015/16 season is a very sexy woman with the edge of the 1930s, 1970s and 1990s, who can be ethereal, sensual and lyrical. The male figure is a pre-war dancer, silent film actor, who in today's world is a strong, athletic, self-confident man. Its elegance is not obvious. Robert offers him a sweatshirt instead of a tailcoat. He plays with contrast, combining elegant men's styles with sports shoes. Of course, the designer also offers typically sporty and casual silhouettes.