The new Reborn collection for the spring/summer 2020 season had its official premiere on June 18, 2019, in the form of a dance film by Adam Kościelniak with choreography by Tomasz Prządka and an image session by Marlena Bielińska.

“REBORN is a very personal collection. There are moments in life when we want to forget something, escape from something and appreciate what we have. We all want to be happy, live our own way, without the judgment of others. I am lucky that the profession I perform gives me joy and fulfillment. I wanted to translate this joy into clothes and share it with our customers. I like my clothes very much, I wear them all the time and my only professional ambition is for other people to also feel pleasure from wearing our brand products. – sums up the new Designer collection.

Clothes from the REBORN collection can be described in one word: comfort. Robert Kupisz has always emphasized that the clothes he creates must be comfortable to wear, and this time it is visible at first glance. All fabrics are soft and pleasant to the touch, and the clothes made of them do not restrict movement. The collection is dominated by blue jeans, gray sweatshirts, cottons and colorful flannel straight from the 90s. New in the brand's offer are dungarees and overalls, which, thanks to zippers, can be modified and styled according to your own ideas.

The joy of sharing your passion did not end only with creating a collection. “The film accompanying the collection's premiere is inspired by the joy of dancing - my greatest passion. It was a real pleasure to work with the dancers again. On the set we had a wonderful dance crew led by Tomasz Prządka, who showed what it means to have passion and joy in what they do - says Robert Kupisz.

On the set of a dance program in which Robert took part, he met Marcelina Zawadzka. Her optimism and joy in dancing meant that he could not remain indifferent to her and invited her to participate in the campaign. “Marcelina rode into the studio where we were taking photos on a motorbike and was unstoppable. We decided that since REBORN is about joy and passion, and motorbikes are her great passion, we decided that it couldn't be missing from the photos.

In the styles in the film and in the photos, in addition to the new REBORN collection, an announcement of the new QΠШ ACTIVEWEAR brand line was also shown, which will premiere in July 2019. The latest project of the Qπш Robert Kupisz brand is clothes for sports activities. Leggings, tops, sweatshirts and T-shirts made of specialized sports fabrics will soon join the brand's offer.

Photos: Marlena Bielińska
The session was attended by: Robert Kupisz, Marcelina Zawadzka
Styling: Robert Kupisz
Hair: Tomasz Górecki / Frizz Me
Make-up: Julita Jaskółka
Production: Ania Borowska / Art. Works, Krzysztof Malinowski / KM Media

Special thanks to the CCC brand @cccshoesbags for providing sports footwear #cccgoformore

Directed by: Adam Kościelniak
Camera operator: Adam Kościelniak and Dominik Matuszewski
Editing and post-production: Adam Kościelniak
Choreography and concept: Tomasz Prządka
Styling: Robert Kupisz
Hair: Anna Fabiańczyk and Mariola Cybulska / Frizz Me
Makeup: Bobbi Brown make-up artists
Music: "Paper Cut" by Indiana
The following people took part in the film: Aleksandra Zielińska, Alicja Matyja, Artur Golec, Bartosz Kołecki, Filip Dutkiewicz, Izabela Zarzycka, Jessica Ali, Julia Adamczyk, Julia Pudełko, Justyna Barycka, Łukasz Józefowicz, Marek Bratkowski, Martyna Kapral, Michalina Lamprecht, Paulina Kubicka, Wojciech Kozłowski, Zuzanna Pacałowska
Production: Ania Borowska / Art Works, Krzysztof Malinowski / KM Media