TANGO by Qπш Robert Kupisz collection show Winter 2016/17
photo: Marek Makowski


Dance, next to the art of design, remains Robert Kupisz's greatest passion. In the designer's opinion, Tango is one of the most interesting dances, due to the extreme passions it represents and the emotional music that strongly affects the human senses. Additional inspiration for the latest collection were film classics: "Tango" by Carlos Saura, "Scent of a Woman" by Martin Brest or "Last Tango in Paris" by Bernardo Bertolucci, as well as the ballroom dance tournaments themselves.

“I love the atmosphere of ballroom dancing tournaments. I used to perform in them, and today I go there and follow the careers of the best ones with pleasure. I am inspired by movement, the extraordinary dexterity of dancers' bodies, and their ability to express emotions through dance, especially tango. – says Robert Kupisz

The Tango collection for the Winter 2016/17 season, both for women and men, retains the characteristic of the Qπш Robert Kupisz brand, a sporty style combined in a non-obvious way with extremely elegant and even spectacular proposals.

“I especially like the so-called dance floor rehearsal when dancers come to warm up before the tournament. Partially dressed in tracksuits, partially in ballroom dancing costumes. This is a mixture that is particularly close to me: sporty nonchalance and glamorous styling. Seemingly mutually exclusive connections, non-obvious combinations and associations. That’s what I used in my show.” – continues the designer.

Robert Kupisz's Winter Woman in the 2016/17 winter season is a beautiful, haughty woman, aware of her body, but torn by conflicting emotions. These are also the proposed styles. Richly decorated skirts on a stiff petticoat combined with sports sweatshirts. Elegant dresses made of soft fabrics rudely "dancing" to the rhythm of the steps. Sexy, figure-flattering denim and leather pants styled with evening, transparent or shiny blouses. Sports sheepskin coats and jackets, elegant woolen coats are combined in an eclectic way.

The proposals for men, although maintained in a sporty style, represent a brave, colorful man who is not afraid to experiment, wears shiny fabrics, dresses in many layers, and does not shy away from strong colors. The designer offers men oversized sweatshirts, jackets and coats, but also tailored jackets and shiny or transparent long-sleeved blouses.

The proposed fabrics include natural soft knitted cotton, bamboo, leather, jeans, flannel, noble viscose and soft and stiff tulle. The collection includes a multitude of decorations in the form of patches, prints, applications and embroidery.

The colors of the collection, apart from the dominant black, are red and burgundy combined with navy blue and gray and shades of blue.


The hairstyles, created using unique products, were styled by the Sebastian Professional brand using professional hairdressing equipment from BaByliss. Perfect makeup is again the work of Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Women's high-heeled slippers and sandals, emphasizing the femininity of the Tango collection, are available from the Kazar brand, with which Robert has been cooperating for several seasons. Sports footwear of the adidas and Nike brands is available at the online store www.WorldBox.pl.

Colorful tights, over-the-knee socks and socks with the QПШ logo, designed by Robert, were produced especially for the show by the Gatta brand.

The show's partners also included the Apart and Aztorin brands with unique jewelry accessories and watches.

The Wyborowa brand took care of the excellent mood of the guests during the show and after party. An elegant zone for smokers was prepared by the Marlboro brand.

Cisowianka Perlage water - the show's partner, reigned supreme in the bar and among the guests gathered in the stands and backstage during preparations for the show.

The media patrons of the show are the titles of the Bauer publishing house, with which Robert has been cooperating for many years: Your Style, Pani, Show, Grazia and the portals Plejada.pl, VuMag.pl and Lamode.info.

The offer of the Qπш Robert Kupisz clothing brand, present on the Polish market since 2011, is available in company boutiques located in Warsaw, Gdynia and Poznań, in the original online boutique www.robertkupisz.com, mostrami.pl sales platform, and multibrand boutiques in Krakow. , Katowice, Rzeszów, Wrocław.